Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunday at the Beach

Yes, that's me - Big Dog on the Beach. I really wanted to be off the leash but again, mom insists I wear it. Something about running off and getting into trouble . . . . blah, blah, blah. The water was huge. Much bigger than my pool at home. Cocoa didn't like the water and mom had to carry her when we got near it.

Hmmm, if I could just pull this big bag into the very back of the car maybe they won't notice and I can eat all the treats myself.

One of the best parts of the beach was searching for hidden treasure. Dad & I found a few things. I really liked digging in the sand. Dad used a shovel, I just used my paws.
There were lots of people, other dogs and big birds at the beach. Some of the people walked up to see what we were digging for, I had to scare them off by barking at them - get away from our hidden treasures! Cocoa really liked the seagulls, she wanted to chase them and bark at them. She liked the pretty kites too.
Mom & Dad said we were really good dogs (well, except for when I chewed up the kleenex in the car while they were having dinner, but I was really bored) and that we would go back to the beach again.

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