Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Makeover

Not for me, for my blog. Mom & I went through some recent photos and picked out some for the new banner at the top of the blog. What do you think? Now it includes pictures of all of us. More of me than the others but I like my picture taken so we have lots to choose from.

Speaking of having my picture taken, yesterday we all went with mom & dad to a holiday bazaar and some guy asked if he could take our picture. Of course! The holiday bazaar was at the Rockaway Beach City Hall, we were hiking down to the beach and stopped by the bazaar to shop. We got three new fleece quilts and some homemade treats. One lady makes cute little charms for dog collars and even though she didn't have one that Cocoa liked, she is going to make one for her and have it at the store so we can stop in when we come back and pick it up for her. "Pink and Sparkly" was Cocoa's request.

We walked on the beach - JJ & I love to chase each other and play in the sand. It is a long walk back up to the house and we are all tired afterwards so we napped. We are at the beach for a couple more days and then it will be back to work.

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Casper Bear said...

Love your banner!Your pics are greeeeaaaat!!
Lotsa Licks
Casper Bear