Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big News and some new adventures.

I have been super busy lately so I haven't been posting much here on my blog. I do have lots of news to share though.

First of all, the weather has been great! Warm and I am loving it. Some days I only need to wear a light shirt and some days nothing at all.

About a month ago I spent a whole week with G-ma and G-pa while mom & dad went to Hawaii. That was fun. I get to do anything I want and they feed me special foods that I don't get at home. I think they called it ice cream.

G-ma & G-pa bought us a swimming pool for the backyard so hopefully this week we will get to fill it up and play.

Yes, I said us. The BIG NEWS is that my girlfriend Cocoa has come to live with us! Yay! I'm jumping up and down for joy and I'm so happy. She loves to play and we wrestle around all the time now. I have to be careful with her though because she's smaller than me and well, you know, a girl.

She is going to live with us forever and ever and ever. Her other family couldn't take care of her anymore and so they gave her to me (I mean us). We are all really happy about it. Well, except for the cats.

Last weekend mom, dad, Cocoa and I all went for a really long ride in the car. We went to visit some family in Washington. Mostly it was just riding in the car and stopping at different places along the way to rest. The back of the car was set up nice though so we could play and look out the windows. Mostly we sat in mom's lap or sometimes dad's to help him drive. We got lots of treats along the way but we were happy to get home to our backyard.

We have been busy working at the store and watching customers. Our good friends come in every day to visit and bring us treats which we really, really like.

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