Thursday, May 28, 2009

I could be Portland's Next Top Dog Model

I just entered to be Portland's Next Top Dog Model. You can see my entry posted in the store at Lexi Dog in The Pearl (on 10th between Flanders & Glisan).

We all know how I love to shop at Lexi Dog, they have the cutest clothes and everyone is so friendly there. So, when we saw their contest for Portland's Top Dog Model 2009, I had to enter. It is also a fundraiser for The Oregon Humane Society so that's a really good cause too.

Be sure to watch Andy Carson live on KPTV 12, early morning Friday June 5th, when the top 10 finalists (10 small dogs and 10 large dogs) will be chosen. I sure hope one of them is me!

The questions were pretty easy and mom printed some photos of me to include with my entry.

Here's how I answered, my answers are in red:

My name is Pinto Bean Sellers , I am 1 years old.

I am a Chihuahua (breed) and I weigh 6 lbs.

To me, a dog's life should be filled with:

hugs and kisses, walks, friends, playtime, treats, belly kisses, naps and shopping at Lexi Dog.

I would describe my personal Style as:

Handsome, rugged, outdoorsy, athletic, a real chick magnet.

My best feature is: If I had to pick only one it would be my personality.

My "motto" about life is: "Aim high!"

I entered the TopDog Model contest because:

My parents are pushing me into modeling and acting.

Why I think I should become Portland's Next Top Dog Model:

I have been featured on

and this is the next logical stop for my career path.
I think I have a pretty good chance. What do you think?

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femminismo said...

If this dog doesn't win I don't know what's wrong with the judges! Did it already happen? - Jeanne